There are numerous advantages that can be derived from being a member of the Credit Union. Some of the advantages are as:-

Regular Savings: The Credit Union through its educational programmes encourages its members to make regular savings and earn interest on the savings. Access to Loans: The Credit Union helps to solve most of the financial problems of members by giving them the opportunity to borrow money from the pool to meet productive and provident needs.

Low Rates of Interest: Members enjoy lower rates of interest as compared to what obtains in the financial market. Participatory Decision Making: Members are shareholders. This means that every member is a part owner of the Credit Union and participates in decision-making and running of the Credit Union.

Financial Counseling: Members are offered wise counseling on the judicious use of their money to ensure that they derive optimum benefit from it.

Dividend on Shares: Members earn good dividend on their shares.
Leadership: Members are eligible to be elected to leadership positions in the business of the Credit Union.