The University of Education Winneba Co-operative Credit Union started in November. 1994 with an initail membership of 28. who were senior members, senior and Junior Staff. The founding members were made up of twenty – one (21) males and seven (7) females.   In August. 1995, the credit Union held its maiden Annual General Meeting (AGM) with an increased membership of 137. Membership of the credit Union which was initially restricted to only the staff of university was opened to the general public in January, 2011

Our Mission : We exist to provide efficient financial assistance to all our members

Our Vision : We seek to become an excellent technology oriented institution for member-focused financial solutions.

Our Obejectives

  1. To promote thrift and the habit of savings among its members
  2. To provide loans to its members for provident and productive purposes
  3. To apply fair but competitive interest rates to savings and loans
  4. To provide quality financial services